Mar 292013

Well, it has been a hugely productive week, but a hugely busy one as well. I’ve dealt with technical issues, felt a bit under the weather, and I seem to have finally caught up on sleep just in time for the weekend. After weeks like this, I need to take time to focus on my happy thoughts more than ever.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of happy thoughts for the day:

1. LONG WEEKENDS!!!!: The capital letters were required. This week feels like I fit 6 or 7 days of work into 4 days of time.

2. Productivity: I can look back at this week and know that I got a lot done. That makes me feel like my busy week wasn’t wasted time.

3. Simple things: My cat running down the stairs to see me, a good book, and all the other little things that make life a better place. I don’t always take the time to appreciate them as I should, but they do make life a happier place.

What has been helping you to keep smiling this week?

Feb 282013

As part of my quest to become happier, I’m trying to focus on happier thoughts, rather than the “problem anticipation” mindset that I tend to occupy at work. This led to my happy thoughts list experiment. This reminded me about the benefits of staying positive. So, here is my happy thoughts list:

  1. Buying something before you need it: About a week ago, I caved and bought the first pair of boots that I have owned in years. This was a part of a hard fought battle against denial. For years, I haven’t owned boots because I haven’t needed them. If it was a horrible day outside, I would either stay indoors or spend as little time as possible outside. Now, taking public transit, I don’t have that luxury. Too often, I find myself buying something I need after I needed it. This time, I bought the boots before all the snow and slush of this week. My dry, warm feet are happy, and I feel satisfied and well prepared!
  2. Craving healthy food: I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with food in my life. My mother often reminds me that at age 3 I gave up on all foods involving the colour green, and it was only in adulthood that I really started eating my vegetables regularly. Now, I find the occasional craving for healthy foods popping up. It’s not the end of my journey towards eating better, but it is a big step.
  3. Weekend Plans: For the last few weekends, I’ve been playing things by ear. I’ve had a good time, but now that I have set plans for the weekend I find myself definitely looking forward to them. It’s a happy feeling.
  4. So those are my happy thoughts for today. What are the happy things keeping you going right now?