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Laughter and Assorted other Happy Thoughts

Whether you followed along with my experiment with Laughing Yoga or you read my recent Happy Thought for the Day about laughter, you know I’m a fan of laughing.

The fine folks at Great Clean Jokes are obvious fans of laughter as well, and they came up with an amazing infographic that talks about the health benefits of laughter. I learned a few things from it, and it highlights just how amazing laughter can be for both your mental AND physical health. Take a look – I hope you learn a few extra reasons to take the time to laugh!

Laughter Infographic from Good Clean Jokes

Experiment 5: The Health Benefits of Laughter

The benefits of laughter are incredible. From Patch Adams to Laughter Yoga, there is no arguing with how laughter can make the world a happier place.

My experiment is a simple one, and it couldn’t be easier. In the age of YouTube, you have much of the humour in the world right at your fingertips. From the cheesiest of cat videos to the best of stand up comedy, you can get anything you need for free.

The experiment is a simple one – find a way to laugh, at least once a day. Find your laughter and see if a bit of laughter can carry forward through the rest of your day.

1 week of laughter, and lets see where that leaves us all. Good luck.