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Laughter and Assorted other Happy Thoughts

Whether you followed along with my experiment with Laughing Yoga or you read my recent Happy Thought for the Day about laughter, you know I’m a fan of laughing.

The fine folks at Great Clean Jokes are obvious fans of laughter as well, and they came up with an amazing infographic that talks about the health benefits of laughter. I learned a few things from it, and it highlights just how amazing laughter can be for both your mental AND physical health. Take a look – I hope you learn a few extra reasons to take the time to laugh!

Laughter Infographic from Good Clean Jokes

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga Conclusions

This week’s experiment has involved laughing yoga. I’m ending it a bit early, as I’m going on a trip tomorrow and I don’t know if I’ll have time to post this tomorrow amongst all of my running around that’s involved with being in airports.

Oddly enough, I love being in new places, I’m just not always a fan of getting there. Lately though, airports have been growing on me.

To see how yesterday went in this experiment, check out Laughing Yoga Day 5.\

Conclusions in my Laughing Yoga Experiment

In the beginning of my laughing yoga experiment, I asked if I could gain the same benefits as my earlier experiments in benefits of yoga and the benefits of laughter.

The answer is a clear “sorta”.

Practicing laughter yoga helped my mood. Laughter does that. Generally it’s harder to be in a bad mood when you’re laughing, and that’s just how our brains our wired as human beings.

As a result of this, I think I slept a bit better, but I experienced nowhere near as much of a noticeable improvement as I did when I was doing my experiment on pure yoga. This might be personal for me though. Laughter yoga is focused on breathing, and it was the stretching in yoga that seemed to help me sleep better.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a shortcut to combining the benefits of my two previous experiments, but it did have merits all on it’s own. I recommend trying it.

As one of the comments this week noted, laughter yoga might have a much greater impact if you do it in a group. Laughter is, after all, contagious, so you might see a more interesting and dramatic result (or at least laugh more).

Have a lovely weekend!

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga Day 5

This week I’ve been working on an experiment involving laughing yoga.

To see how the experiment has been going so far, check out yesterday in laughing yoga.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s check out the present.

Laughing Yoga Day 5

I’m a bit frustrated, as I’m trying to find good videos of laughter yoga, but I see a lot of documentaries and not as many exercises.

So, I’m going back to the video I used on Day 1 of this experiment. I found it was an impressive introduction to laughter yoga, and I think I can learn more from it if I get a second chance to view it.

I don’t think there’s ever any shame in going back to something you have more to learn from.

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga Day 4

This week I’ve been working on an experiment involving laughing yoga.

So far, I’ve been enjoying myself, as I find any time you make the time to laugh, life is going to feel a bit better.

To see how the experiment has been going so far, check out yesterday in my laughing yoga experiment.

Laughing Yoga Day 4

Here’s the video I practiced with today:

It seems incredibly simple compared to some of the videos I’ve worked with in the past few days, but it highlights an important fact – laughter that starts as fake can become real.

This is something we forget sometimes. We get in darker moods, where laughter seems harder to find. However, if we fake a laugh as a start, that might be what “primes the pump” for some genuine, soul-clearing laughter.

Just some idle thoughts for a quiet Thursday evening. Have a lovely evening everyone!

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga Day 3

This week I’m experimenting with laughing yoga.

If you are just joining me now, check out yesterday in my laughing yoga experiment.

Today I felt like I needed yoga a bit more than usual. It has been a rough day, and one of the benefits of yoga (for me at least) is stretching out tight muscles and balancing my mood. So, I went back to the same guy who did the video I watched on the first day.

Laughing Yoga Day 3

This video is longer than the videos I’ve done before, and seems heavier on the yoga and lighter on the laughter. I didn’t want to do any sort of laughter yoga today. To be honest, that’s the reason I pushed myself to do more today, and I’m glad I did.

I feel less grumbly and more balanced now. I think the only other thing I need to finish rebalancing myself is a really good night’s sleep. Wish me luck!

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga Day 2

Firstly, if you’re just starting out check out yesterday in my experiment with laughing yoga. It will explain a bit more about where I’m coming from for this experiment.

It’s funny, I just realized today how incredible a world we live in is, where I can just assume that I’ll find anything I need on the internet if I search for it. I don’t claim that the training videos I find are the greatest available in the whole world, but I do think that they can give me a general idea of what laughing yoga is and whether or not it benefits me.

I realize that I forgot to post it, so here’s the video I practiced with yesterday. It’s a bit silly, but it does a good job of showing you breathing techniques and is pleasantly silly while still effective in teaching you laughing yoga. The only fault I found in it was that it was a bit too long. My jaw was tired from laughing by the end of it.

But, back to the present.

Laughing Yoga Day 2

Today, I did a bit of research and found a shorter video to work with:

I found myself feeling happier and more energized after each of my laughter yoga sessions so far, so we’ll see what the longer-term impacts are!

Happiness Experiment 24: Laughing Yoga

In my Happiness Experiment #2 I discussed the benefits of yoga.

In my Happiness Experiment #3 I explored the benefits of laughter.

Those were two great experiments. I learned a lot about myself, and a lot of useful things about sleep, laughter, muscle pain and a number of other things. And now, I found out how to combine them.

Laughing Yoga.

Combining the benefits of yoga and the benefits of laughter

It’s a fun sounding concept, but what does it really mean? To the Wikipedia! *cue Batman transition music*

Wikipedia says:

Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) is a form of yoga employing self-triggered laughter. The concept of Laughter Yoga is based on the scientific observation that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter, and that both provide the same physiological and psychological benefits. Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with pranayama (yogic breathing). Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, initially forced laughter soon turns into real and contagious laughter. The “laughter” is physical in nature, and does not necessarily involve humor or comedy.

Laughing Yoga Experiment

Well, as I’ve already discussed the benefits of laughter AND the benefits of yoga, I don’t think I need to go into much more detail about either of them.

The problem with laughter though is that humour is relative, and sometimes you’re not in the mood to laugh. Laughing Yoga isn’t about something being funny though, it’s about yogic breathing.

Can I get the same sleep benefits as yoga, and the same improved life outlook as my stand up comedy experiment all wrapped up into one?

In my tradition of making my experiments accessible, I’ll be following along with laughing yoga demonstrations on YouTube. If I find any that really stand out, I’ll highlight them as I work through this week’s happiness experiment.

Let’s see what adventures this week holds?