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Write a Classified Ad for Yourself

Classified Ads

For some people, it’s very easy to keep a running tally of accomplishments in their head. For others, while self-confidence might not be a problem, it stands apart from self-value.

Personally, I know I’m great. Quantifying that in 20 words or less can be a bit more challenging. I hit this obstacle a couple of weeks ago. I needed an elevator pitch

I gave myself a challenge a week ago to come up with an elevator pitch as to why I’m awesome.

This led to a rather extensive inventory of what I’ve accomplished over the last couple of years. The results were, quite frankly, fascinating. It was somewhat similar to my happy thoughts list project. When I changed my focus, it was like opening the floodgates.

The really surprising thing is that this is coming from someone who generally has no trouble with self-confidence.

Here’s what I came up with:

In the last two years, I became the head of the marketing department at my employer. In the intervening years I have cut the expenses of the department by over 6 figures while hitting record sales figures in 4 out of 5 product lines. I’ve read dozens of industry books on content, sales and marketing as well as attending over a dozen seminars and conferences to keep my skills current.

It’s only three lines long, but it sure does sound awesome, doesn’t it? There’s a lot more to say, but as a quick “classified ad” version to define myself, it does an incredibly job of describing my value. To be honest, I feel a bit warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. I was always confident in myself and my abilities, but now I have the words to convince someone in just a few moments that they should think I’m incredible as well.

In life, we are faced with a number of occasions where we need to define our value and we have only a few moments (or a few words) to do so. I challenge you to write a similar classified ad for yourself. Take your time, it might not come out exactly how you like it in the first draft, but once you complete it it can be very impressive. If you feel comfortable, share it here. I’d love to see your classified ad!

A quick happy thoughts list for tonight

It’s a busy week, but I’m trying not to let that get in the way of my writing, so I wanted to pop on and write a quick happy thoughts list to focus on the things bringing me joy in my life.

1. Everyone who comments on this blog: It’s been a busy summer, and suffering from weather headaches has made it especially challenging, but knowing that people read this blog has got me coming back to writing after every break. Thank you all for your support!

2. Getting to bed at a reasonable time: It’s still not easy, but it’s starting to get easier with practice. Eventually, I might actually get a decent night’s sleep on a regular basis!

3. Options: Knowing you have choices in life, even if you decide against those alternate options, can really be freeing. It means that you live your life because you chose to live it that way. That’s true freedom, it’s both exciting and terrifying. I like it.

What’s putting a smile on your face today?

Happy Thoughts List: Magnum Ice Cream and other Tasty Treats

Today I had the awesome fun of going to the Magnum Ice Cream pop up shop on Bloor Street in Toronto before they opened to the public. This place has delicious treats (and often long lines) so I jumped at the chance. I’ll be posting a more complete blog entry of everything, but here’s a quick peek at what I had:

Magnum Ice Cream Bar

In the meantime, it’s been a day of ups and downs, so a happy thoughts list is more than called for. Here we go:

1. Unexpected surprises: It was a random conversation on twitter that led to a few people talking about Magnum Ice Cream, which then led to the Magnum social media person tweeting us and inviting us in for a taste. As I’ve said before, open your life to random things, you might be surprised a the amazing results you see.

2. Surprisingly productive days: They may not taste like ice cream, but they do taste satisfying (and have fewer calories). I love days when you end up accomplishing far more than you had thought you would.

3. Loved ones: You may not love every minute you spend with them, but they make your life better for being there. My wife and I both get weather headaches, so this recent unsettled weather hasn’t made us our best and brightest, but I still love her with all my heart.

What’s been keeping you smiling lately? Hopefully you’ve had some surprise ice cream treats in your day!

List of Happy Thoughts for the Day

I’ve been in a rut lately and I’ve drifted from the good habits I’ve learned over the last couple years on this website. It’s an unfortunate trend of mine, and I suppose of many people, to forget my tools and good habits when I get into a funk.

So, in an effort to get back on track, I’m starting with a happy thoughts list. Here are three things that kept me cheerful today.

1. The Royal Baby: Not that I care about the baby, but I do like the fact that the news hasn’t been depressing lately. It’s a minor issue in the scope of things, but a week of happy news is a welcome change from the way things have gone.

2. The humidity has broken: I have sensitivity to weather, so I get headaches when the weather rapidly changes or the humidity is so high. A break in the weather is a welcome change to me.

3. Opportunities: The universe has been tossing a number of them in my direction lately, and I’m trying to welcome them with open arms. It’s a challenge, as some of them take me from my comfort zone, but I feel that opportunities are given to for a reason, so I try to rise to the occasion.

What’s keeping a smile on your face these days?

Happy Thoughts List: Giving Thanks

Life has been pretty decent lately. I’ve been having a number of days in a row now where things are good. Not earth shattering, but pretty darn good. To be honest, it feels wonderful. I think that I’ve been a bit burnt out, and I really needed time like this.

Happy Thoughts for the Day

When good things happen to me, I’ve found that one way to keep the momentum going is to take time and give thanks with a happy thoughts list. Writing a list of your happy thoughts can be a part of expressing gratitude, which is shown to help you be a happier person in your life.

So, without further ado, here are three things I’m grateful for right now:

1. People in my life who challenge me: One of the latest challenges has come from Vanessa, and her post about a 5 year plan. The idea of making a 5 year plan both intrigues and terrifies me. I have vague intentions laid out, but nowhere near the level of detail as the plan Vanessa has made. I really enjoyed her post on the topic, because by breaking down the plan as she did, it leads to a fascinating exercise in self-reflection. It led to me starting on a 5 year plan of my own, and the detailed breakdown of categories really got me thinking, which in turn got me rather excited.

2. Things blooming: While allergy season can be brutal murder for me, the time of the year when things bloom is incredibly beautiful.

3. The pleasure of a good book: Lately I’ve been reading some random science fiction (a guilty pleasure of mine). There’s something awesome about getting lost in a good book, where hours can pass with you living the story in your head.

What’s making you smile this week?

Happy Thoughts List: Great Weekends

One of the experiments that has worked the best, even after all the ones that followed it, was my experiment in writing a happy thoughts list. So, I try to write one on a fairly regular basis, even if I don’t publish it here. It helps remind me of all the good things that happen, and keeps my focus off the bad ones. Basically, it’s an exercise reminding me to be grateful for the good things in my life.

So, after a really great weekend, I have a quite a lot of things to be grateful for. So, here is my happy thoughts list for late Sunday night.

  1. Getting Things Done: Despite the fact that I got out and about a fair bit this weekend, I still feel like I got a lot done AND I had time to relax. Lately, I’ve been ending weekends thinking of how much extra I could have done, so this is a much better mindset in my opinion.
  2. Seeing Friends: We went to a house closing party for friends of ours who are moving this week. It was a great chance to reconnect with friends who I haven’t seen in a long time, and to meet a few new ones. I stayed out far later than I had intended, but I had a fantastic time.
  3. Naps:It’s funny how life comes full circle. We start off napping as a kid, then we grow to hate naps when we’re growing, then we grow to adore them later as we grow older. A great afternoon nap on the weekend just feels spectacular!

Happy Thoughts List: Long Weekends

Well, it has been a hugely productive week, but a hugely busy one as well. I’ve dealt with technical issues, felt a bit under the weather, and I seem to have finally caught up on sleep just in time for the weekend. After weeks like this, I need to take time to focus on my happy thoughts more than ever.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of happy thoughts for the day:

1. LONG WEEKENDS!!!!: The capital letters were required. This week feels like I fit 6 or 7 days of work into 4 days of time.

2. Productivity: I can look back at this week and know that I got a lot done. That makes me feel like my busy week wasn’t wasted time.

3. Simple things: My cat running down the stairs to see me, a good book, and all the other little things that make life a better place. I don’t always take the time to appreciate them as I should, but they do make life a happier place.

What has been helping you to keep smiling this week?

Happy Thoughts for the Day: Puddles and Slush

As part of my quest to become happier, I’m trying to focus on happier thoughts, rather than the “problem anticipation” mindset that I tend to occupy at work. This led to my happy thoughts list experiment. This reminded me about the benefits of staying positive. So, here is my happy thoughts list:

  1. Buying something before you need it: About a week ago, I caved and bought the first pair of boots that I have owned in years. This was a part of a hard fought battle against denial. For years, I haven’t owned boots because I haven’t needed them. If it was a horrible day outside, I would either stay indoors or spend as little time as possible outside. Now, taking public transit, I don’t have that luxury. Too often, I find myself buying something I need after I needed it. This time, I bought the boots before all the snow and slush of this week. My dry, warm feet are happy, and I feel satisfied and well prepared!
  2. Craving healthy food: I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with food in my life. My mother often reminds me that at age 3 I gave up on all foods involving the colour green, and it was only in adulthood that I really started eating my vegetables regularly. Now, I find the occasional craving for healthy foods popping up. It’s not the end of my journey towards eating better, but it is a big step.
  3. Weekend Plans: For the last few weekends, I’ve been playing things by ear. I’ve had a good time, but now that I have set plans for the weekend I find myself definitely looking forward to them. It’s a happy feeling.

Happy Thoughts List: Lazy Day Sundays

Now that I’m in my second year of blogging, I’ve tried a lot of things in my quest for happiness and to become a better person. Some of the experiments have failed dramatically, but others have been fantastic successes!

One of the experiments that has worked the best, even after all the ones that followed it, was my experiment in writing a happy thoughts list.

I had a beautiful, lazy-day Sunday today. I very much needed it, it was a good chance to relax and finally catch up (though not too quickly or it wouldn’t be a lazy day Sunday *grin*). So, seizing on the positive momentum, here is my list of happy thoughts for the day.

1. Getting Things Done: Wow, does it feel good to be knocking things off the list like this. I’m actually getting ahead of myself, which feel fantastic. I feel the stress starting to melt away!

2. Connecting with People: No man is an island. As much as I might feel like running off to be a hermit at points, we are (in part) a product of our interactions with other people. I spent a lot of this weekend with other people, which was a big change from the past few weekends where weather, illness, or other factors kept me largely at home.

3. Room with a View: I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture, but while I was catching up on my work and writing today I had a beautiful view of the snow falling in my back yard. It was a peaceful view and I felt really content whenever I looked out.

Things I’m reading this weekend

Modest Money: A collection of favourite blog posts from February. I always love the blog posts I find in posts like this from Modest Money. I also really feel his pain about the Google search and PPC battles. I’ve been in that same position!

Edward Antrobus: This is a great post about places to find free e-books. I don’t know about you, but I have a smartphone and a tablet, so I can always have something to read on. However, I don’t always have anything good to read (and I might not want to buy an e-book). Getting into a good book is a true pleasure of mine, so finding them for free is a double pleasure!

Thirty Six Months: “How to Get Your Dream Job: Preparation for Resume and Interviews” – While I don’t know exactly what my dream job is yet, this is a very useful post for anyone on the job hunt!

List of Happy Thoughts for the Day

Well, to start off on a happy note, I’m feeling better than yesterday. I guess a night of good sleep, eating healthy, and moderate exercise can set the stage for a much better next day.

However, I don’t want to only think of my happy thoughts for the day on bad days, I feel that any day is a good day for simple happy thoughts. So, without further ado, here’s a list of happy thoughts for the day.

1. The link between wine and sleep: In a previous experiment, I found that wine (both white and red) had a positive impact on my sleep when consumed in moderation. While this isn’t a sleeping aid I plan on using every day, it’s nice to have a good tasting glass of wine on occasion, and the better night’s sleep doesn’t hurt.

2. Returning to Experiments: It’s been a while since I’ve done a happiness experiment, and I have one I’m planning for next week. I’m actually pretty excited about it as this one will be a big kitchen challenge for me. I’ll keep you posted – if all the pieces come together, you’ll see the details for it in my Sunday post.

3. Mac and Cheese: Okay, it just tastes awesome. The fact that they have managed to keep it tasting awesome while making it slightly less bad for you is a great bonus too. It’s only an occasional thing to eat, but once or twice a year I enjoy it.

Do you have any foods you associate with being happy? What is your “happy dish”?