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Happy Thoughts List: Giving Thanks

Life has been pretty decent lately. I’ve been having a number of days in a row now where things are good. Not earth shattering, but pretty darn good. To be honest, it feels wonderful. I think that I’ve been a bit burnt out, and I really needed time like this.

Happy Thoughts for the Day

When good things happen to me, I’ve found that one way to keep the momentum going is to take time and give thanks with a happy thoughts list. Writing a list of your happy thoughts can be a part of expressing gratitude, which is shown to help you be a happier person in your life.

So, without further ado, here are three things I’m grateful for right now:

1. People in my life who challenge me: One of the latest challenges has come from Vanessa, and her post about a 5 year plan. The idea of making a 5 year plan both intrigues and terrifies me. I have vague intentions laid out, but nowhere near the level of detail as the plan Vanessa has made. I really enjoyed her post on the topic, because by breaking down the plan as she did, it leads to a fascinating exercise in self-reflection. It led to me starting on a 5 year plan of my own, and the detailed breakdown of categories really got me thinking, which in turn got me rather excited.

2. Things blooming: While allergy season can be brutal murder for me, the time of the year when things bloom is incredibly beautiful.

3. The pleasure of a good book: Lately I’ve been reading some random science fiction (a guilty pleasure of mine). There’s something awesome about getting lost in a good book, where hours can pass with you living the story in your head.

What’s making you smile this week?

Happy Thoughts for the Day: Puddles and Slush

As part of my quest to become happier, I’m trying to focus on happier thoughts, rather than the “problem anticipation” mindset that I tend to occupy at work. This led to my happy thoughts list experiment. This reminded me about the benefits of staying positive. So, here is my happy thoughts list:

  1. Buying something before you need it: About a week ago, I caved and bought the first pair of boots that I have owned in years. This was a part of a hard fought battle against denial. For years, I haven’t owned boots because I haven’t needed them. If it was a horrible day outside, I would either stay indoors or spend as little time as possible outside. Now, taking public transit, I don’t have that luxury. Too often, I find myself buying something I need after I needed it. This time, I bought the boots before all the snow and slush of this week. My dry, warm feet are happy, and I feel satisfied and well prepared!
  2. Craving healthy food: I haven’t had the healthiest relationship with food in my life. My mother often reminds me that at age 3 I gave up on all foods involving the colour green, and it was only in adulthood that I really started eating my vegetables regularly. Now, I find the occasional craving for healthy foods popping up. It’s not the end of my journey towards eating better, but it is a big step.
  3. Weekend Plans: For the last few weekends, I’ve been playing things by ear. I’ve had a good time, but now that I have set plans for the weekend I find myself definitely looking forward to them. It’s a happy feeling.

List of Happy Thoughts for the Day

Well, to start off on a happy note, I’m feeling better than yesterday. I guess a night of good sleep, eating healthy, and moderate exercise can set the stage for a much better next day.

However, I don’t want to only think of my happy thoughts for the day on bad days, I feel that any day is a good day for simple happy thoughts. So, without further ado, here’s a list of happy thoughts for the day.

1. The link between wine and sleep: In a previous experiment, I found that wine (both white and red) had a positive impact on my sleep when consumed in moderation. While this isn’t a sleeping aid I plan on using every day, it’s nice to have a good tasting glass of wine on occasion, and the better night’s sleep doesn’t hurt.

2. Returning to Experiments: It’s been a while since I’ve done a happiness experiment, and I have one I’m planning for next week. I’m actually pretty excited about it as this one will be a big kitchen challenge for me. I’ll keep you posted – if all the pieces come together, you’ll see the details for it in my Sunday post.

3. Mac and Cheese: Okay, it just tastes awesome. The fact that they have managed to keep it tasting awesome while making it slightly less bad for you is a great bonus too. It’s only an occasional thing to eat, but once or twice a year I enjoy it.

Do you have any foods you associate with being happy? What is your “happy dish”?

Happy Thoughts List for Today

It’s been a mixed bag of a day. A VERY mixed bag of a day, but there’s more than enough good so that I can’t complain. I need to focus on the positive.

So, in the tradition of this website, it’s time for a happy thoughts list.

Here are three things that I am grateful for today:

1. Being incredibly lucky, and being able to share the benefits of that luck with others.

2. Succeeding at work. I have earned it with all the hard work I put in, but it doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for it and the hard work of the rest of my team.

3. Friends: They help the world become a better place. It’s as simple as that.

Happy Thoughts List: A New Week of Happy

Well, normally I’d be jumping into another experiment now, but I’m in the midst of cleaning up a lot of stuff (both on the site and in my house) so I’m going to postpone the next experiment by another week and continue to do some thinking.

After all, as I promised myself earlier, I need to learn to give myself slack on occasion.

So, rather than getting down on myself, today is an occasion for a happy thoughts list!

My happy thoughts for today are:

1. New Friends and Food: There’s always something special about meeting new people over food. It’s like you have a bond. And when you discover new food as part of the bargain, it’s an extra bonus!

2. Nice weather: Weather is like the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. There’s too hot, too cold, and so rarely just right. However, today was a nice day and I got a lovely walk in before the rain, so I’m happy I got to enjoy the weather, as summer so often flies right by.

3. Leftover Cookies: Because, come on, there is no such thing as a leftover fresh baked cookie, there are just cookies I haven’t yet had the chance to enjoy! *grin*

Happy Thoughts of the Day: New Challenges and Unexpected Allies

I’ve been having a week full of surprises.

The surprises are all good, but that doesn’t make many of them less stressful.

Today’s surprise was new challenges that I needed to face, but what made those challenges into my happy thoughts of the day were the unexpected allies that came with them.

Out of nowhere, the universe supplied a few people working on similar projects and moving in the same direction as I was who were cheering me on.

This, in turn, led to me cheering them on.

Sometimes, you can go from being your own worst enemy into someone else’s unexpected ally in the blink of an eye.

Life is pretty kooky like that, and that’s part of what makes it so damn incredible.

Happy Friday everyone!

Happy Thoughts for the Day: Productivity Trio

Today was a random day off, a carry forward from working over last weekend.

It was a mixed day, but a good one. There are three happy thoughts for the day related to productivity.

1. Just start something: Often, the hardest part about being productive is just getting started. It can be tough, and there’s a lot of resistance to overcome, but once you take that first step, you might find that the rest of whatever you’re doing is easier than you thought!

2. One productive hour can save an entire day: It can be tempting to write off a bad day, but we often overlook the fact that a single good hour can often save an entire day. So, before you give up on your entire day, see if you can set aside a single hour of time, without interruptions. You might be surprised at how much you can do!

3. Value yourself: I recently had someone I respect a lot talk to me about putting a value on my own work and experience. It wasn’t an easy thing to hear, but I needed to hear it. Very few of us are good at this, but you should start by making a list of your skills – you might find out that the job market values your skills more highly than you do!

Happy Thoughts for the Day

All I can say is wow.

Today I woke up and hit the ground running, and I didn’t stop until I ran the shoes right off my feet!

As I’ve mentioned before, taking the time to make a list of happy thoughts for the day can be an incredible way to finish a day and reinforce your happiness.

My happy thoughts for the day are:

1. Having time to explore Washington while I’m here: I’ll be honest, Washington wasn’t on my “must visit” list of cities, but if I had a few free hours here and I didn’t take advantage of it, wouldn’t I be the one losing out? So, this afternoon was a whirlwind walking tour of monuments and museums.

2. Walking out of the Air and Space museum to hear a little kid (all of 6 years old) say “You can see Uranus from here”! Both he and I broke into hysterical laughter. What can I say, somethings will always be funny when said by children.

3. After a LOOOOOOOONG day of work and walking and running around and organizing things…. this:

Comfort Food

Comfort food is always allowed as a happy thought of the day, this one in particular was a delicious 5 cheese mac and cheese!

Happy Thoughts List for Today

I may be sleepy, but I am still smiling, and that calls for a happy thoughts list in my mind.

To date the happy thoughts list is still one of the simplest and most powerful experiments I have done as part of this website, so I plan on continuing to do it, even while other experiments fall by the wayside (eating paleo *cough cough*).

Happy Thoughts List for Today

1. Dinner with friends: A new restaurant with an old friend is a great way to pass an evening.

2. High protein shakes: They’ve made for great breakfasts this week. Anyone know a good place to find cheap whey protein powder? I’m going to run out soon.

3. Getting to a business stop at the perfect moment to catch your bus: It can feel like a mini version of winning the lottery!

Well, I hope your day has been as good as mine!

List of Happy Thoughts for the Day

Busy day, it started slow, but it built momentum. I still haven’t received the happy emails I was hoping for at work *fingers crossed* but I haven’t given up hope.

Every good day deserves a happy thoughts list, so here we go!

Here is my list of happy thoughts for the day!

1. Being able to push myself further: Between hot yoga and my HIIT Training, I’m really giving my body a hard workout these days. But I’m able to push myself further than I was even just a couple of months ago. Three cheers for progress!

2. Hot Yoga: Maybe it’s the heat, but it’s the first kind of yoga in which I can get completely out of my own head and just focus on the movements. That can be a blessing.

3. Turning tough situations into productive ones: I always like ending on a high note.

What were your happy thoughts for the day?