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Finding your Reset Button

Bob Marley said: “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds.”

I think that is advice many of us need to take more closely to heart. Some people are in truly bad situations that they need to leave. But for many of us, we are partly the architects of our problems. As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango.

What energy are you bringing to your life? Are you holding onto past grudges? Sometimes we bring a negative energy into our life that can have nothing to do with the actual situation. Just think of how grumpy and unpleasant workplaces can be after a snowstorm leads to an extra long commute. People made it in safely and aren’t, so why do they stay grumpy?

Today, try and find your reset button, the little switch inside your head that lets you approach each situation fresh even though it might involve the same people and problems as it did before. This can be the best stress management skill, because truly letting go of baggage from previous situations means you have so much less to carry! Hit that reset button and see if your world (or at least your day) can change for the better!

And, here’s a little music to remind you:

Happy Thought for the Day: Figuring things out for yourself

I really love the feeling of figuring out something for myself. I was puzzling with a problem tonight, and I managed to figure out the solution. It’s a combination of triumph, pride, and feeling incredibly smart all rolled up into one.

It’s a simple thing, but the sensation of figuring things out for myself is my happy thought for the day.

Happy Thoughts List: Battling a Funk

I’m feeling in a bit of a funk today. I’m not sure if it’s coming off a period of stress and little sleep, or something else entirely. It was a rough day, and I’m feeling a bit beaten up and in need of a rest.

As part of my project to be happier in the new year, I’m trying to focus on happier thoughts, hence my happy thoughts list. This reminds me to stay positive. So, especially after a day like today, here is my happy thoughts list:

  1. My cat: I came home feeling a bit worn out, and I just flopped down on the bed. My cat just jumped onto my chest and started licking my hands until I started smiling again. After I started smiling and laughing at how silly my cat was, he walked away and had a nap. Pets are amazing sometimes in how they can respond to our feelings and help us when we need them.
  2. Taking time for yourself: It’s a crazy and busy world. Sometimes taking a few hours just for yourself without pressure or expectations can be the greatest gift you can offer yourself.
  3. Awareness:As part of writing this website, I’ve not only become attuned to my happy thoughts, but also my unhappy ones. With awareness comes power, and in my case it means the power to change. So tonight, even though I had little energy and little urge to do so, I got some exercise, ate reasonably healthy, and am trying to get to bed at a reasonable time. Being aware means I can take action, where in the past I might have zoned out in front of the television for hours.

SO, those are my happy thoughts for the night. What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

A post-holiday happy thought for the day

Well, as you can see from my lack of posting, I’ve been crazy busy tying up a relatively good year.

I’m planning out a much more extensive year-in-review post to go up tomorrow, but for today I wanted to share a happy thought for the day the post-holiday season.

We’re still here.

Whether you’ve ended your year with a whimper or a bang, you’re still here. You have a year more of experiences to draw on. You’re a year older, and with any luck, a year wiser to go along with it.

We set the new year as our arbitrary time to try new things, to change, and to resolve to be a better person. January 1st is no different than any other day. However, it isn’t a bad tradition to start with. Reflect upon your year, set some goals for the next year, and then find yourself a group of supportive and amazing people to help you hit those goals.

I count myself incredibly fortunate to have people like that in my life. Now I just need to set my goals, and hopefully that’s something for my post tomorrow.

For those of you on holidays, enjoy! For those of you back to work like me, enjoy less traffic and quieter commutes. There is a silver lining on both sides.

Happy Thoughts List: The things that keep me going

As I’ve said many times before, one of the few experiments that I can recommend without any reservations from this site is completing a happy thoughts list.

It’s been a busy few weeks and keeping my list of happy thoughts in mind has been a key part of me keeping my focus and my calm in the face of complications and stress!

So, without further ado, here are the things that have been keeping me going:

1. My wife: She’s my editor, my strongest supporter, and the love of my life. She’ll do silly things like change the wallpaper of my computer into a silly love note when I go to bed early. It’s the little things like that which have the power to make or break a day, and she helps to make mine.

2. Being good at what I do: I may be busy (sometimes more busy than I’d like) but the fact that I enjoy what I do and am pretty darn good at it (if I do say so myself) is an incredible confidence boost for me on a day-to-day basis. It’s like life itself cheers me on sometimes.

3. Potential: I keep my eyes on the future and my feet on solid ground. It’s amazing the potential the future has to offer, and I firmly believe that if I work hard for it I’ll see good results! Knowing that life is good and it will get better is and incredibly powerful realization, and a heck of a motivator in day-to-day life!

What would you put on your happy thoughts list?

Happy Thought for the Day – Keeping Busy

Lately I’ve been writing less and doing a lot more.

Simply put, that’s my happy thought. I think that if I’m too busy doing things to write about what I’m doing, then life isn’t that bad (or at least it’s not boring)!

Happy Thought for a Busy Night

Between the cold I’m just getting over and the volunteer writing I’ve been doing, I’ve been busier than I had anticipated lately. However, my happy thought for the night is that I’m still getting regular comments on my blog even when I don’t give it attention.

I’m really glad to know that recording my own journey like this can be of value to other people as well.

We’re all struggling to find a route towards happiness, so take a moment to try and make someone else’s day brighter. Let’s try and increase the overall happiness in the world.

Happy Thought of the Day – Find that Silver Lining in Failure

Lately, I’ve been pondering my earlier happy thought of the day on value.

I think there’s an art form to finding the silver lining in a rough situation. Failure is embraced in society these days, which is a good thing, but I don’t always agree with the reasons.

I think we’re guaranteed to fail at something in our lives, and how we handle that failure defines us. True experts in life fail with class. It’s easy to be a graceful winner, but not so easy to be a graceful loser.

My happy thought of the day is that moment when you find your silver lining.

So, to celebrate that thought, I present my favourite song about finding the silver lining in a rough situation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.