Sep 012013

If you haven’t checked out Kid President before, it’s a brilliant young kid and an ongoing show series from the SoulPancake YouTube channel. I can’t really recommend it highly enough. It also makes the perfect way to introduce a new philosophy I’m working on: be the cheerleader. We all spend a lot of time wrapped [...]

Aug 212013

This all started as a reaction to the dust level of cleaning our master closet. We started cleaning, and our master bed quite quickly filled up with clothing that needed to be placed somewhere. Once we opened the pandora’s box that was our closet, we quickly realized it was more than a one-day job. So, [...]

Aug 202013
Time flies when you're eating ice cream!

If there’s no rest for the wicked, I have been the wickedest for the past 2 weeks! Wow! Okay, catching up, the first thing I want to share is about the Magnum Ice Cream “Pleasure Store” pop up shop in downtown Toronto at 11 Bloor Street West. I’ll tell you all about my experience, but [...]

Aug 072013

I recently had the chance to watch 56up, a fantastic documentary about an experiment that has been ongoing for quite sometime where, starting from age 7, people have been interviewed every 7 years to see how they are progressing in their lives, their beliefs, their fears and their hopes for the future. Now, they are [...]

Aug 022013

It’s been a while since I did a happiness experiment. Far too long really, I think that happiness experiments have become an important part of my self-discovery. As always, these experiments are performed on myself and I tell you the results of how I feel. I don’t recommend undertaking them without talking to your Doctor. [...]

Jul 302013
Happy Thoughts List: Magnum Ice Cream and other Tasty Treats

Today I had the awesome fun of going to the Magnum Ice Cream pop up shop on Bloor Street in Toronto before they opened to the public. This place has delicious treats (and often long lines) so I jumped at the chance. I’ll be posting a more complete blog entry of everything, but here’s a [...]

Jul 282013
Making space for new things to grow

With any new habits, there is a two-step process. You need to stop the old habits, and then replace them with new habits. This two step process is one of my challenges. In many of my experiments, I will develop and test a new habit, but with only a week-long testing period, I’m neither completely [...]