What are these Happiness Experiments?

The happiness experiments are my way to search. As part of the public, we hear a lot of health and happiness advice on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes this advice conflicts with advice we received before, so how are we to choose?

In the early days of science, people often experimented on themselves to learn more. It wasn’t always the smartest thing, but it was a step that brought us forward and taught us things.

Who is the subject of these happy experiments?

I’m using myself as an experiment subject. I’ll investigate the different things we’re told about that can help contribute to happiness. I even take suggestions, so feel free to send them my way.

I’ll try each test for a week. A week isn’t enough to change your life, but I believe that a week should be long enough to see some small result. In my opinion, for a life change to be successful, it needs to provide positive feedback. So, while I’m sure there are many long-term life changes I could make to great benefit, I need to see SOME change in order to be reinforced to continue with the changes and not go back to old behaviours.

Opinions expressed in this blog are all my own and don’t relate to my employer or any other projects.

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