Jan 212014
Working with a Stand Up Desk

I, like far too many people in this world, sit too much. Lately, the media has been saying things like “sitting is the new smoking” (yes, people actually did say this, check here). The list of negative health impacts that result from sitting too often is a long one, and you can find it elsewhere, [...]

Jan 132014
Eating Healthy - Garlic Lemon Chicken Fajitas

As part of eating healthier, I need to regularly remind myself that there is a value to making a healthy choice. This is why I like chicken. Tonight I made some garlic lemon chicken fajitas for dinner with my wife. Take 750g of boneless skinless chicken breasts sliced into strips and put it into a [...]

Dec 062013
What brings you Joy?

What brings you joy? It’s a simple question I’ve been asking myself lately, as I’ve been replanning and restrategizing about a lot of my life. However, just because a question is simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Let me explain. Caffeine brings my joy – or so I think. However, when I dig down below the [...]

Oct 142013
Write a Classified Ad for Yourself

For some people, it’s very easy to keep a running tally of accomplishments in their head. For others, while self-confidence might not be a problem, it stands apart from self-value. Personally, I know I’m great. Quantifying that in 20 words or less can be a bit more challenging. I hit this obstacle a couple of [...]

Sep 222013
Productivity: It's amazing what you accomplish when you're not looking

It turns out, my last post announcing my 42nd Happiness Experiment was also my 500th post on the site, making this my celebratory 501st post. Wow, how did I manage 500 posts? Sometimes I’ve struggled to write, other times the posts flow from my fingers as fast as I can type. It’s amazing how accomplishments [...]

Sep 182013

I had to start with a nod to the great Douglas Adams on my 42nd experiment. As you might have seen in my past experiments, there is a lot of discussion about exercise. It helps you sleep better, it helps you lose weight, and it’s a generally good thing. I have no problem starting to [...]

Sep 122013
It's okay not to be perfect

You might have noticed that my blogging frequency has slackened over the summer. I thought about feeling guilty about it, but then I decided it was okay not to feel guilty. I had a great summer. It wasn’t perfect, but I really hope you all enjoyed your summer as much as I did. One of [...]

Sep 042013
Following up on old experiments: Meditation

Way back in the early days of this blog, (my fourth experiment to be precise) I did a happiness experiment on meditation. My results were mixed, and I largely attributed this to the fact that I was trying guided meditations when I was going to bed, so I was already tired. Basically, I fell asleep [...]