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Classified Ads

For some people, it’s very easy to keep a running tally of accomplishments in their head. For others, while self-confidence might not be a problem, it stands apart from self-value.

Personally, I know I’m great. Quantifying that in 20 words or less can be a bit more challenging. I hit this obstacle a couple of weeks ago. I needed an elevator pitch

I gave myself a challenge a week ago to come up with an elevator pitch as to why I’m awesome.

This led to a rather extensive inventory of what I’ve accomplished over the last couple of years. The results were, quite frankly, fascinating. It was somewhat similar to my happy thoughts list project. When I changed my focus, it was like opening the floodgates.

The really surprising thing is that this is coming from someone who generally has no trouble with self-confidence.

Here’s what I came up with:

In the last two years, I became the head of the marketing department at my employer. In the intervening years I have cut the expenses of the department by over 6 figures while hitting record sales figures in 4 out of 5 product lines. I’ve read dozens of industry books on content, sales and marketing as well as attending over a dozen seminars and conferences to keep my skills current.

It’s only three lines long, but it sure does sound awesome, doesn’t it? There’s a lot more to say, but as a quick “classified ad” version to define myself, it does an incredibly job of describing my value. To be honest, I feel a bit warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. I was always confident in myself and my abilities, but now I have the words to convince someone in just a few moments that they should think I’m incredible as well.

In life, we are faced with a number of occasions where we need to define our value and we have only a few moments (or a few words) to do so. I challenge you to write a similar classified ad for yourself. Take your time, it might not come out exactly how you like it in the first draft, but once you complete it it can be very impressive. If you feel comfortable, share it here. I’d love to see your classified ad!

7 thoughts on “Write a Classified Ad for Yourself

  1. cj

    Great idea!!! I see my elevator pitch on my guitar lessons website all the time. It does feel good and it is a great reminder of one’s growth and continued growth. A great lesson for all unless of course one hasn’t really done much of anything. Have a fun one!!!
    cj recently posted..Modified MeditationMy Profile

  2. Christine Pantazis

    Hey Alex,
    This is a great post. Although, I know I have many great accomplishments I HATE having to write them out, or continuously tell people about them. I almost feel like I’m bragging. Weird right?

    I even had Casey write my About page on my site.

    I’ve got to figure out what my elevator pitch is going to be.

    Thanks for this great read.

    Christine Pantazis recently posted..Not A Mom But These Products Work For Us All – Moms Must Haves EventMy Profile


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