Happy Thought for the Day: Using your Voice

Speaking up for yourself in the face of opposition or uncomfortable situations is often about as fun as elective surgery. While some people seem to thrive on conflict, most people dislike it and treat it as a necessary evil (when they’re not avoiding it altogether).

Using your voice isn’t an easy thing for some people. However, that moment when a shy voice reaches out to fill the silence is a powerful one.

Unfortunately, the people who have the greatest ease in using their voice are too often the ones with their voicebox disconnected from their brains. Don’t let those people define the world we live in. Raise your voice to join the chorus that shapes your world and all of our worlds.

Using your voice takes back your power and gives you some measure of control.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thought for the Day: Using your Voice

  1. Christine Pantazis

    Alex, you’ve nailed it with this one.
    Honestly… There are so many who use their voice all day, everyday to complaint, rant and degrade. They are sadly the ones with the strong voices and as we all know – the squeaky door gets oil.
    Probably because it is loud and annoying… we want to shut it up… BUT

    Every once in a while you hear a bang in the middle of a quiet night… It rattles you, and shatters silence, gets the neighbours talking.

    I almost prefer the second approach…. đŸ˜€

    I promise to use my powers for good.

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