Thought for the Day on Happiness and Feeling Good

I had a theory when I started this website about the relationship between my physical condition and my level of mental fitness. That’s one of the reasons that I experiment so much with things that increase my energy and physical fitness.

Today was a great example of that for me. Mentally, I felt great, but I felt sub-par physically. And, while it didn’t happen immediately, the physical state gradually started to outweigh my mental state until I felt less than great overall.

I find thoughts like this fascinating, as I frequently suffer from VERY mild weather headaches, ones that I hardly notice, but they just impact my focus slightly. I often ignore these minor physical aches and pains, but I wonder how much they impact my sense of well-being and my decision-making ability. I know that a stabbing back ache impacts me seriously, but how much does a minor soreness impact my ability to function at my best?

This line of thinking is leading me to ponder redesigning my experiments. I design them at a week each, but I’m finding that those experiments don’t lead to me fundamentally changing my life. I’m wondering about strategies that would lead to longer-term changes, and a better sense of physical well being.

How much do you find small aches and pains impacting your ability to function in day-to-day life?

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