Happy Thoughts List: Lazy Day Sundays

Now that I’m in my second year of blogging, I’ve tried a lot of things in my quest for happiness and to become a better person. Some of the experiments have failed dramatically, but others have been fantastic successes!

One of the experiments that has worked the best, even after all the ones that followed it, was my experiment in writing a happy thoughts list.

I had a beautiful, lazy-day Sunday today. I very much needed it, it was a good chance to relax and finally catch up (though not too quickly or it wouldn’t be a lazy day Sunday *grin*). So, seizing on the positive momentum, here is my list of happy thoughts for the day.

1. Getting Things Done: Wow, does it feel good to be knocking things off the list like this. I’m actually getting ahead of myself, which feel fantastic. I feel the stress starting to melt away!

2. Connecting with People: No man is an island. As much as I might feel like running off to be a hermit at points, we are (in part) a product of our interactions with other people. I spent a lot of this weekend with other people, which was a big change from the past few weekends where weather, illness, or other factors kept me largely at home.

3. Room with a View: I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture, but while I was catching up on my work and writing today I had a beautiful view of the snow falling in my back yard. It was a peaceful view and I felt really content whenever I looked out.

Things I’m reading this weekend

Modest Money: A collection of favourite blog posts from February. I always love the blog posts I find in posts like this from Modest Money. I also really feel his pain about the Google search and PPC battles. I’ve been in that same position!

Edward Antrobus: This is a great post about places to find free e-books. I don’t know about you, but I have a smartphone and a tablet, so I can always have something to read on. However, I don’t always have anything good to read (and I might not want to buy an e-book). Getting into a good book is a true pleasure of mine, so finding them for free is a double pleasure!

Thirty Six Months: “How to Get Your Dream Job: Preparation for Resume and Interviews” – While I don’t know exactly what my dream job is yet, this is a very useful post for anyone on the job hunt!

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