Happy Thought of the Day: My Han Solo Year

I always thought I dealt well with birthdays, but I confess that I am getting a bit more grumpy about them as I grow older. Not to sound too cliched, but time really does seem to be passing by at an incredibly fast speed these days. So, as we approach the end of March, I can’t help but to think about my birthday coming up in June.

I’ll be turning 35. I’m not on death’s door, but it’s a bit hard to have happy thoughts about that. Or, at least it WAS a bit hard, but now I’ve found my happy thought about getting older.

When he stared in the first Star Wars movie in the iconic role of Han Solo, Harrison Ford was 35 years old.


When I think back to my childhood when I watched Star Wars, I never thought of Han Solo as old. He was a bit of a stick in the mud at times, but he had fantastic adventures, and was always up for getting into mischief. A lot of words can be used to describe Han Solo, but old was never one of them in my mind.

So, rather than get glum about getting older, I am officially declaring my 35th birthday to be the beginning of my Han Solo year. I shall try to be act somewhat like an adult and be aware of dangers and troubles, but I will still make mischief, chase adventure, and lead a life worth being envied.

This seems like a much better plan. Perhaps 35 needn’t be as depressing as I thought!

Which movie characters did you idolize as a child? Have you ever thought how old the actor who played that role was?

2 thoughts on “Happy Thought of the Day: My Han Solo Year

  1. Jon

    Great point Alex! I am turning 35 this year too and had no clue that Harrison Ford was 35 when he took that role. Turning 35 doesn’t make me feel old, but trying to keep up with my little kids does :) On the flip-side, keeping up with my little kids and the teenagers I work with keeps me feeling young. Thanks for sharing this good thought!
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