Happiness Experiment 39: Eat the Rainbow Day 3

If you haven’t seen the background for this week’s experiment, read about how I’m trying to eat the rainbow. Here’s how yesterday went.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so today isn’t a fantastic measure of energy levels. As to cravings, I was craving caffeine and sugar, but I suspect that’s more due to my lack of sleep than anything else. On the bright side, the cravings were just mild ones, more like “I would like a donut” than “I would kill a man in cold blood for a donut”. I think that’s a good thing.

So, today I ate:

Green: Green onions and spinach
White: Cauliflower
Yellow/Orange: Carrots and pineapple
Blue/Purple: Grapes
Red: Strawberries

I’m also getting excited, because tonight I’m making swiss chard chips to eat tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post pictures if it turns out!

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