Life Lessons from Flo Rida

There was no post yesterday because I was lucky enough to win tickets to the launch party for Blackberry 10 (and a pretty sweet new phone). It was a fun night, and there are lots of happy thoughts to be found in it about reconnecting with friends and such. There were also lots of crazy fun things that happened.

The craziest part of the night was that I learned a life lesson from the musical guest, Flo Rida.

(If you don’t know who Flo Rida is, here’s his Wikipedia page)

Flo Rida was the surprise musical guest of the night. So, none of the people in the room really knew he was coming. I imagine this is quite different from a standard contest, where everyone has purchased a ticked specifically to see him.

So, Flo Rida entered. The room wasn’t hostile, but it wasn’t terribly excited. There were a LOT of people holding up phones and videotaping the show, but they weren’t dancing or shouting and singing along. It would have been easy for Flo Rida to put forth a mediocre performance for a mediocre crowd. But instead, he gave it 100% energy. It was obvious that he was singing, dancing and performing his heart out up on that stage. He even got out into the audience and started dancing with people. He and his performing group worked up quite the sweat.

By the end of the show, the crowd weren’t all rabid Flo Rida fans, but they were definitely warmer. A number of people had started dancing and singing along too.

So, by giving his performance a full and honest effort, Flo Rida might not have won over the entire room, but he did get a lot of respect and he made a few extra fans.

That was my life lesson and it was my thought for the day: even if you might not win, give it your all anyway. Winning isn’t always a either/or situation. Sometimes you can have a host of small wins that add up to bigger ones in the future. Those fans that Flo Rida made might show up at another of his shows in the future, helping turn the small victory into a bigger one.

Are you giving mediocre performances to the mediocre crowds in your life? Is there anyone you could dazzle by exceeding their expectations?

Also, I’ve been reading a bit more on yoga these days. I think I might head back to practicing more regularly. Here is a thought from my friend Cheryl on one of her favourite yoga mantras – Aham Prema.

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