Thought of the Day for Work: Hitting the Reset Button

Well, if you’ve been following along my blog posts from last week, you know that it was a tough one for me.

Last week was a bit of a comedy of errors at points, and now that it’s Sunday night, I need to be able to turn that around.

I’ve found that one of the best talents to have in life is your ability to hit the reset button – to let go of all the feelings associated with a past week and start fresh the next week.

Through far too many mistakes, I’ve discovered that I am often my the architect of my own problems. My mindset self-sabotages me as I go forward because I don’t let go of what’s happened.

So, on this Sunday night, my goal is to learn from my mistakes and then let them go. I will approach this new work week with an open mind and open heart. I’ve always found that to be the best way to approach life in general (and the way to have the most interesting adventures).

Do you have any rituals to start a work week? How do you leave behind a tough week and start fresh?

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