Careers, money, and happiness: Running Towards Temptation

I think one of the biggest challenges when you’re planning out your career path is temptation.

Now, I freely admit, I search for temptation sometimes like Sherlock Holmes looking for a clue. When it comes to careers, I subscribe to the philosophy that staying up-to-date on job postings in your industry is just as important as reading industry publications. It keeps you current on what the value of your skills are, and it lets you know when other skills are becoming in demand for your level. Also, it lets you see when the tide of an industry is turning. In the modern world, more than a few jobs have been supplanted by technology. If you don’t see any demand for people with your skill set, you should probably ask some questions.

However, while this is a great way to keep current in your industry, it also exposes you to some serious temptation. If you have a bad day, it can seem VERY simple to put in an application for a new job.

Well, while changing careers is fairly common these days, don’t do it out of haste.

The key to a career plan is the planning part. Reacting to a single bad day, or even a bad week, is more of a twitch than a plan. There will be times when you are in a bad place, or when you have a better opportunity elsewhere. In those situations, if it merits it, make your move.

This is where a career plan is the biggest help, because it gives you a target to move towards, each individual career choice moving you further towards your goal!

5 thoughts on “Careers, money, and happiness: Running Towards Temptation

    1. Alex Post author

      I wish him the best of luck! The stats seem to indicate we’ll all switch industries a number of times in our lives. I wish him the best of luck!

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