Happiness Experiment 38: Nasal Strips Update

I haven’t been updating this experiment particularly frequently, because to honest, there isn’t a whole lot to say.

I’ve gone to bed with the silly looking sticker on my face for the last 4 days and I have to say that my wife must love me to put up with my silliness.

This is the longest number of days in a row that I’ve worn a nasal strip. I’m finding that my nose is getting a bit irritated, but it’s just slightly redder than normal, so that might even be my skin reacting to the winter weather.

While I’ve noticed the strips help me more when I’m sick, I have yet to see a substantial result in this experiment. Perhaps the small difference they make is MUCH more noticeable when I’m sick and need the additional help.

So, the update for today is that the strips aren’t hurting my sleep quality or sinus situation in the morning, but they do not appear to be substantially helping me either.

We’re not finished the experiment yet though, so this isn’t yet a final conclusion.

6 thoughts on “Happiness Experiment 38: Nasal Strips Update

  1. Chrisutiotine Pantazis

    Hey Alex,
    My hubby snores like a freight train. I begged him for months to try the nasal strips. He kept resisting. One day in December he finally he tried them.

    They didn’t work.

    He has some serious snoring issues that can’t be resolved with nasal strips. I’m sure just like anything else they don’t work for everyone.

    Good luck with your experiment.
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    1. Alex Post author

      I have some minor sinus issues. Just allergies and stuff. It’s nothing hugely impactful, but I suspect it might be hindering my sleep quality.

  2. Jon

    I’ll be curious to see what your final conclusion is on nasal strips. I used them for several weeks and never noticed a big difference either. I found that exercise and cutting the soda have made the biggest difference in my snoring. The strips seem to work on certain people though. There is a guy that comes on church trips often that sounds like a jet plane when he snores. I bring some strips for him and they keep him quiet in the bunkhouse.
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