Happy Thought for the Day – Spring Weather in January

Today was a day of amazing weather in Toronto.

I don’t know what crazy climate features lead to us having a spring day in January, and while a part of me is worried whenever winter suddenly disappears, there is something in my soul that responds well to spring. The feeling of spring, that moment when you realize you’re overdressed for the weather, is a truly joyous moment after a long winter.

Now, while the winter has hardly been much to complain about so far, this is my first winter taking transit since back in the days when I went to university (see giving up a car in the suburbs for more details). So, I suppose it’s fair to say that I’m being exposed to more outdoor weather in the winter than I have been in quite a long while.

I think the greatest moment of joy, and the one that truly cemented this as my happy thought of the day, was when I saw that a couple of restaurants had put out patio furniture. It might not have been the kind of summer weather that makes patio time REALLY enjoyable, but the simple fact that it was out and being used made me smile at the human spirit.

So, while I raise an eyebrow at the odd weather, I salute the optimism of the human spirit with a smile on my face.

How’s the weather in your corner of the world? Are there places getting crazy cold weather to balance out all of this warmth?

(A thanks to Modest Money for featuring me in a kind post on “Beginning of 2013 Favorite Blog Posts” and to Vanessa’s Money for featuring me in my ver first Lifestyle Carnival)

4 thoughts on “Happy Thought for the Day – Spring Weather in January

  1. Lindsey

    I’m just outside of Toronto so I imagine my weather is the same as yours. Driving to work this morning I was stunned with how beautiful the trees looked dusted with white and the fields looked so crisp and untouched. It is a gorgeous day out and how could it not put a smile on your face!
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