My favourite experiments so far

Well, I’ve been working my happiness experiments for more than a year, and I’ve come a long way.

What have I learned?

Both a lot and nothing at all. Some experiments were incredibly effective, others were completely ineffective – which was an education in itself.

Now that I’m on my 38th happiness experiment, which ones have stuck out for me? Well, here are a few that were particularly memorable.

The Health Benefits of White Wine on Sleep: Sometimes, you unintentionally discover something awesome. This experiment was inspired by a study I read that talked about red wine improving sleep. I decided to try white wine since I prefer it, and the results were still effective. Now, I know that the occasional glass of wine at night will help me sleep incredibly well.

Clutter Busting: I’ve always heard that a cleaner house makes for happier people, and that physical clutter weighs down on your energy. I didn’t believe it until I started really clearing out my own clutter. Once I started moving out clutter I found that I couldn’t wait to keep cleaning!

Eating Paleo: This was an incredibly effective experiment, but also the first experiment that I consider myself to have failed on. When I read up on the timeline for going on the paleo diet aferwards, I found out that my discomforts were not uncommon for people going onto the paleo diet. I might go and try this again in 2013 – I can’t deny how much weight I lost in the first few days, but the stress and discomfort were significant. Maybe I should take a long holiday so I don’t have to go through carb withdrawal at work!

And the most effective experiment of all, the Happy Thoughts List: I read an article about adding gratitude to your life and how it can make you a happier person. I didn’t walk into the experiment thinking it would work. Now it’s one of the few experiments I stick with and still make part of my regular life.

I’ve learned a lot in this last year. I hope by my documenting my experiments, you’ve had the chance to learn from my experiences as well. Hopefully I’ve given you a few good ideas and saved you from making many of my mistakes.

6 thoughts on “My favourite experiments so far

  1. Jon

    Thanks for the roundup of your favorites! I’ve been seeing all these posts of the most popular posts from 2012 but it is nice to see which experiments have meant the most to you! We have been working on clearing some clutter from the house after the holidays. It has been fun to give things away, sell things, and create spaces that are more easily managed and provide relaxation. Keep up the great work!
    Jon recently posted..Family Devotional: Stir One Another Up – Week 2My Profile

    1. Alex Post author

      I like how you said that. Places that provide relaxation.

      It’s so well worded! Cluttered places create stress, not relaxation.

  2. Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies

    I like the idea of a happy thoughts list. Recently a friend gave me a gift of a 5-year journal, and I’ve found myself too often filling the entry with whatever it is that I’m frustrated with that day. I’d much rather look back and see what brought me joy… and maybe reflecting on those joys before bed would make me sleep better than reflecting on the day’s frustrations.
    Mrs. Pop @ Planting Our Pennies recently posted..$520 To Restore A Piece of HistoryMy Profile

    1. Alex Post author

      I heard an amazing plan for the new year – get a jar and fill it with all the great things that happen to you during the year, then open it on New Years Eve and read them all again.

      It reminds you of all the smaller things that made you happy which you might have forgotten.


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