Jan 062013

Well, now that winter is here in full force, we have our windows closed and our heater on. This has typically been a trigger for my allergies, leading to a bit rougher sleep, and unhappy mornings.

In the past, I’ve had some luck using nasal strips to help in situations where I’ve already taken antihistamines or cold medication and my sinuses are still bothering me. So, since I generally try to avoid taking unnecessary medication, I wanted to see if using nasal strips would help me sleep and breathe better without the added medication.

My Nasal Chips of Choice

Happiness Experiment 38

I’m using Breathe Right Advanced Nasal Strips for this experiment. I haven’t been sponsored by Breathe Right, nor was I given free product. I simply chose this brand because it should be universally available. There are individualized store-brands if you want to try this experiment and save money.

How this experiment will work

While I’ve done all sorts of crazy things in my experiments for this site, I really do love the occasional lazy experiment.

This week I’ll be applying a nasal strip (as per the official instructions) every night before bed. I’ll see if it improves my sleep quality or makes it easier to wake up and function in the morning.

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