Dec 092012

This week passed very quickly for me. I was working on an experiment involving finding a better sleeping position.

Sleeping with a pillow under my knees was a remarkably effective way to increase the quality of my sleep this week. While it didn’t make for an exciting week to write about, I was honestly astonished at how effective it was at making me feel more rested.

I can safely say that my quantity of sleep didn’t increase this week – I maintained my usual, incredibly poor sleeping habits.

So, while I might not do it every night, I think the pillow under the knees is going to be an important part of my sleeping habits going forward. It seems to create similar benefits to my experiment on doing yoga every day, but it does so with absolutely no investment of time or effort. One might argue that Yoga is the better long-term choice, but you can’t beat the simplicity of just having a pillow around!

I always love a successful experiment! Let’s see if next week brings a similar result!

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  1. very good and cool,thank you for your sharing.

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