Happiness Experiment 36 – Living a Healthy Lifestyle – Conclusions

Well, I’ll be the first to say, multi-part experiments are very difficult to get a handle on sometimes.

This is really the second time that I’ve tried this experiment. The first time I tried it, I was derailed by pure lack of time.

This second time I tried it, I wasn’t derailed by anything specifically. I still feel that I could have been more devoted to the experiment, but that’s honestly a bit of the challenge with more complicated experiments. There’s so very much to do that I can often don’t feel like I’ve done enough.

The end result of this experiment is indeterminate conclusions.

While I would argue that living a healthy lifestyle for this week has helped me get through a number of situations that I would have otherwise had a great deal of trouble with. When I reached for caffeine, it was for the pleasure of a caffeine boost (and enjoyment of whatever caffeinated beverage it came in) rather than the desperate need for caffeine I found through much of the previous few weeks.

However, there was no drastic change, no huge plunge in weight, or any other quantitative measurement that I could point my finger towards and claim unqualified success in this experiment.

So, keep living a healthy lifestyle. It certainly doesn’t hurt, and it probably will help, it’s just not simple or easy to see massive changes. Living a healthy lifestyle, at least in how I describe it for this experiment, is a long game. You do it not because of how you want to feel next week, but rather for how you want to feel 20-30 or more years from now.

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