Happy thought for the day – Being involved

If it hasn’t been abundantly clear from my writing lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life.

Part of this was brought on by my period of recent sickness and migraine, but the other influence has been me working to get out of my shell more and getting involved with the world around me.

There are studies that have concluded volunteering is an amazing way to promote your own happiness. Speaking from a personal perspective that appears to be true. Simply put, I feel more stressed volunteering my time, but I also feel more fulfilled.

So, my happy thought for the day is getting involved. It might be worth giving it some further investigation if you don’t do it yet.

One thought on “Happy thought for the day – Being involved

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    I spend 80% of my time behind a computer updating spreadsheets and communicating with people over email. Another 10% running errands at the bank, post office, office supply stores, etc. And the last 10% in meetings with our staff or folks interested in getting more involved with our work. But if I am to be totally honest, the majority of my time is spent in local coffee shops downing espresso, staring at spreadsheets, and typing emails at warp speed.
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