Happiness Experiment 16: The Benefits of Journal Writing Day 1

In an ever busier world, it’s harder and harder to take the time necessary for personal reflection. We just run from one task to the next. Far too often, we just build stress upon stress, or block away a problems without resolving them.

Journal writing is a tradition from older times. People would write out their thoughts and the challenges they encountered. Those journals and diaries are often what we have to analyze people by now.

What are the benefits of journal writing?

According to the website stress.about.com, the benefits of journal writing include:

  • Journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma, arthritis, and other health conditions.
  • It improves cognitive functioning.
  • It strengthens the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses.
  • It counteracts many of the negative effects of stress.

Those are some pretty bold claims, but I’m willing to entertain the idea that they might possibly be correct, because article after article describes similar benefits.

Hypothesis for Happiness Experiment 16

I’m not certain that this will have a measurable impact in a week. However, based on my previous experiment with writing happy thoughts lists I suspect that journal writing may have a strong chance.

I think the biggest advantage for me will be in counteracting the negative effects of stress. I suspect that week of journal writing will lower my stress level. Right now, I would classify myself as moderately stressed, we’ll see how the results go.

Day 1 of Journal Writing

For the purpose of this experiment, I will be writing my journals out separately and not posting them online. This allows me to be more open about what I write.

On this first night of writing, I’m already a bit intimidated by what I wrote, but I think it does me good to write the words out if they stress me out and worry me.

I don’t know that my stress level has lowered yet, but we shall see how the week progresses.

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