Experiment 8: Day 4 Happy Thoughts List

The happy thoughts lists continue!

In a weird way, even though this has been one of the easiest experiments I’ve done so far, I find it’s been the most fun.

So, on to the list for today:

1. Fixing things: I came home and managed to tackle a few persistent drafts around the house. They were easy to ignore when it was warmer, but as it got colder they were much harder to ignore. It was a small job, but a very satisfying one to complete.

2. Connecting with people in person: In an online world, it’s easy to associate with people online, but harder to meet people in person. Even though we get more and more connected via social media, there is something still missing that one cannot get in real life. Connecting with online friends in person can be very rewarding!

3. Processing data: It’s far from the level of Sherlock Holmes, but I always get a little thrill out of crunching data to answer a question. It’s like figuring out a puzzle. I had to crunch some numbers at work today, and the day flew by pleasantly.

All things considered, a really pleasant day!

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